As it started

On Easter of 2012, in the morning I woke to a feeling that was similar to those of labour pain, with high fever. When my disease was found out, I was in serious sepsis. I was alone in the hospital ward, I spent my days with deep internal work and prayers. The high fever did not decrease for weeks. My friend, Father Paul, a Franciscan monk was praying with me, he was strengthening me and gave me spiritual support. He called me on Pentecost Sunday to tell me that he would celebrate a mass in Csíksomlyó, and he would offer the holy mass for my recovery. I was lying in my bed in the hospital during the mass and I got into an unconscious state, I could not perceive the physical world. I was surrounded by clear light and love, and in the endless internal peace I connected to Babba Mary, Our Lady. In this connection, I recovered. The next day I did not even have fever. At that time, it was not clear to me what happened was the beginning of an amazing service, of a beautiful journey in which Our Lady is leading, accompanying me.

The information arrived step by step.

In Kisoroszi, Hungary, where I was born, I have been dealing with helping families, children, and women for years. With my partners, during our trips taken regularly at mental and spiritual levels, the task was getting more and more obvious: we shall build Babba Mary’s sanctuary, the Temple of Heart. The place manifested itself, that holy place where Babba Mary is waiting for the temple to be built up, where you can hide away to calm down, recover, where she can make such miracles that already happened in my life. It gives me a huge power, and it also means a lot to me that 1 year after my recovery, on Pentecost, I met Father Árpád Lukács Daczó, who has studied the Babba Mary cult during his entire life, he made researches and even wrote a book about it. I could spend a wonderful week with him, he talked a lot about Babba Mary, and he transmitted his blessing with great pleasure to the construction of the sanctuary.

When the Gods found us suitable for continuing, we could arrange the meeting with the architect, a young woman who worked together several times with Imre Makovecz.

Zsuzsanna Kozma designed exactly my vision.

Ildikó Bruder soul therapist